Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 15 Day 14 Highlights

The most important parts of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 15 Day 14

Today is Sunday Funday, and we told you yesterday that there will be two people leaving the house this weekend. Besides that, a lot of good things have happened in the house. Let’s look at them.

Bigg Boss House Babli Bouncer Promotion

Tammaah Bhatia came into the house to meet the other housemates and talk about her upcoming movie, Babli Bouncer. On September 23, 2022, Disney+Hotstar will show the movie Babli Bouncer. The men in the house were told to choose one female housemate to be their “bouncer.” Geethu was chosen by most of the housemates to be their bouncer.

While that was going on, RJ Surya impressed Tammanah by imitating some famous actors she had worked with. She was very impressed, and he ended up with Tamannah Kanuka.

Gajibiji Gaana

As part of the Sunday Funday feast, Nagarjuna split the housemates into two teams to play a game where jumbled words are shown on the screen and the team has to guess the song. In this game, Srihan, Faima, Arohi, RJ Surya, Geethu, Neha, Keerthi, Baladitya, and Inaya were on Team Revanth, which won.

It’s time to choose

In the last round, Adi Reddy and Abhinaya Sri. Nagarjuna said that Abhinaya had to leave the house because she had fewer votes than he did.

Both true and false

After she got on stage, Nagarjuna and Abhinaya watched her journey, which made her feel a little sad. Then Nagarjuna told Abhinaya to decide who in the house was honest and who was not. She kept faima, chanti, sri satya, baladitya, and RJ Surya because they were honest. She chose Revanth because he was dishonest.

That was the end of the Sunday episode, and tomorrow nominations will be made in the house.

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