Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Week 6 Nominations- Vote Poll Online Live Results

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Nomination in Week 6 begins in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone is asked to become pair with other contestants. There was a set up in the garden area for the nomination process. Each pair should stand on the setup where a bucket of mud tied with rope is placed above their head. Each housemate should nominate one person and save one person from the nominations with reasons. If the vote count becomes tie, Captain of the house, Shiva Jyothi should take the decision. Shiva Jyothi is the captain of the house for the particular week and is saved from the nominations

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Nomination Process:

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants as Pair
Vote Count
Nominated Persons
Nominated Contestants
Varun Sandesh & Punarnavi
Varun-3 Votes
Punarnavi-5 Votes
Ravi, Baba, Mahesh, Sreemukhi, Himaja Nominated Punarnavi
Vithika, Rahul and Ali nominated Varun
Punarnavi Bhoopalum
Ravi Krishna & Ali Reza
Ravi-7 Votes
Ali-1 Votes
Varun Nominated Ali Rest all nominated Ravi
Ravi Krishna
Baba Bhaskar & Mahesh Vitta
Baba-2 Votes
Mahesh-6 Votes
Rahul and Punarnavi nominated Baba rest all nominated Mahesh
Mahesh Vitta
Himaja & Sree Mukhi
Himaja-7 Votes
Sree Mukhi-1 Vote
Ali nominated Sree Mukhi rest all nominated Himaja
Rahul Sipligunj & Vithika Sheru
Rahul-4 Votes
Vithika-4 Votes
Himaja, SreeMukhi, Ravi, Varun nominated Rahul rest all nominated
Rahul Sipligunj

Captain Shiva Jyothi was asked to nominate one of the contestants who were not nominated. Captain Shiva Jyothi nominated Varun Sandesh.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Nominated Contestants- Week 6


  • Varun Sandesh(Directly nominated by the captain)
  • Ravi Krishna(7 Votes)
  • Mahesh Vitta(6 Votes)
  • Himaja(7 Votes)
  • Rahul Sipligunj(4 Votes-tie-so decided by the captain)
  • Punarnavi Bhoopalum(5 Votes) 

Check out Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Voting Process to vote the contestants whom you want to save from elimination. Also, view Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants list.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote Nominated Contestants Missed Call Numbers:

  1. Rahul Sipligunj    8466996706
  2. Punarnavi             8466996709
  3. Ravi Krishna         8466996702
  4. Himaja                   8466996705
  5. Varun Sandesh    8466996714
  6. Mahesh Vitta       8466996712

 Ravi Krishna, Varun Sandesh, Rahul Sipligunj gets saved from the nominations. Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting results are here. Check to know who gets eliminated this week.

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