{31st July 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 11: Day 10 Highlights

Recap of Episode 10

Bigg Boss gave cycling task for the luxury budget to Bigg Boss housemates for the utility of water, gas and house access.

Cycling Task for the Luxury Budget in the Bigg Boss House:

The cycling task continued in the latest episode as well. While Baba Bhasker master was cycling for the house access at night, Sree Mukhi does some funny conversation along with Ravi Krishna and Jaffar.

Ravi Krishna gets irritated with the Tamanna Simhadri’s behaviour towards him. Later Tamanna gets offended for saying that she isn’t doing any work in the Bigg Boss house by the housemates. Tamanna clarifies it. Tamanna cries with some miscommunication between Ravi and Tamanna and Sree Mukhi comforts Tamanna.

Bigg Boss takes the cycling task to the next level. Bigg Boss gives three tasks to remove the cycling task for house access, water and gas.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to chose one person who is ready to perform the first task to remove house access.

Sree Mukhi says that it would be good enough if we first give chance to men in the house because for women it would be difficult if Bigg Boss gives physical task. Everyone goes with the Sree Mukhi’s decision and Bigg Boss contestants chose Mahesh Vitta for the first task to perform.

Bigg Boss gives oil and materials to light it and tells him to take care of it that it should not blow off until Bigg Boss say. Bigg Boss also conveys that it should be performed in the garden area. Then Shiva Jyothi gives an idea to Mahesh Vitta to cover with every possible thing. Later Bigg Boss says that Mahesh should not hide him or the lamplight. Some of the housemates clap when Bigg Boss conveys this.

Himaja feels hurt for clapping. It seems like they have insulted their idea. Shiva Jyothi gets offended for the thing they did and their happens some miscommunication between Varun and Shiva Jyothi. Shiva Jyothi gets too emotional and cries. Later Varun, Vithika and Punarnavi discuss this issue against them.

Later Bigg Boss asks housemates to chose two persons to remove Gas cycling task. Housemates chose Ali Reza and Sree Mukhi. Bigg Boss gives the task to Ali and Sree says that they should make 100 dung cakes. Ali and Sree agree and perform the task as said by Bigg Boss and Bigg Boss removes cycling task for gas.


Bigg Boss gives the final task to remove water cycling task and chose to select one person from the housemates. Vithika was chosen for the task. Bigg Boss gives the task to pick 50 coins from the box containing fish using hands. Vithika successfully picks more than 50 in the given time. water cycling task is removed for performing this task.

Later Bigg Boss asks Mahesh to show the lamplight to Bigg Boss and then Bigg Boss close this task for performing it successfully and tells all the housemates that they can access the house.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to chose two worst performers in the task. Housemates chose Tamanna as the worst performer. Varun as volunteer comes as the worst performer. Bigg Boss tells Vithika to put them in jail. Tamanna cries in the jails as she cannot sleep without AC that statement looks so funny for many viewers.


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Promo of Episode 12: 

Bigg Boss gives the Power Game task to the housemates. The housemate who takes the diamond first will get the authority on the house and all the housemates. Housemates rush out to take the diamond placed in the lawn. Find out who takes the diamond first and see what happens.

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