{22nd August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 33: Day 32 Highlights

Recap of Episode 32:

Bigg Boss gives Talent show task to prove their talent.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Episode 33: Day 32 Highlights

Baba Bhaskar and Sree Mukhi who were judges in the task discuss whom to select as the best performers. Sree Mukhi wants to give chance to Ashu as she is in the nominations and gave her best in the dance. But Baba says that we should not select the best performers as they are in the nomination but give judgement seeing the best performance. Baba proposes Ravi’s name and then they select Ravi as the best performer in the dance. In acting, Judges gave Vithika 7 marks and Mahesh 6 marks. Even though Vithika got more marks in the acting, Judges selected Mahesh as the best performer in acting. Ali got selected as one of the best performers in the special act category. Varun is selected as the best performer in singing. Ali, Ravi Krishna, Varun and Mahesh are the four best performers who went to the finals.

Mahesh and Ali discuss their issue and tries to sort it out. Ali gives his explanation and Mahesh also gives his opinion. Later, Ali discusses this matter with Ravi and Rahul. Sree Mukhi and Baba Bhaskar ask Punarnavi whether they gave the judgement biased. Punarnavi says nothing like that and she is happy that got an opportunity to dance in this big platform called Bigg Boss.

Sree Mukhi and Baba Bhaskar perform the dance on Panchadara Bomma song from Magadheera. Ali performs an act. Mahesh also performs an act and give a message. Ravi performs an act as love failure. Varun sings song and dance a few steps. Judges announce the first finalist as Ali and second finalist as Ravi Krishna. And with the unanimous voting of the housemates. Ali becomes the best performer of the Appy fizz talent show and the Fizz jacket goes to Ali Reza. Bigg Boss appreciates Ali for becoming the celebrity of the week and says Ali that he should wear the jacket all week. Bigg Boss also says housemates that they should see Ali as a celebrity. Bigg Boss also conveys that Ali should not do any work in the house for the week.


Vithika and Punarnavi have some differences between them and Ashu says Vithika to sort it out. Rahul explains Baba that why he disturbed. Ashu says Baba that he is showing partiality in the house in front of housemates. Ashu and Punarnavi have some conversation with each other and Ashu say that she could see the differences in the house after Rohini’s elimination. Ashu cries and Punarnavi tries to control her. Ravi, Sree Mukhi, Shiva Jyothi, Baba discuss Ashu being upset. Shiva Jyothi becomes emotional.

Vithika and Rahul have discussed Punarnavi. Ashu and Shiva Jyothi have a discussion about not being normal. Vithika, Punarnavi joins the conversation.

Bigg Boss kept letters and complaint box in the courtyard. Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Contestants should write complaints on housemates and drop in the complaint box. Captain should read in front of the housemates in the living area and solve the issues. Punarnavi comes and explains Mahesh about her issue with him. Rahul apologizes Sree Mukhi but comes and explain that he is right. Sree Mukhi accepted apology first but after the explanation, she responds to him that she won’t forgive him ever. Mahesh and Ali’s issue goes wrong and heated arguments between them lead to the disturbance in the house. Mahesh and Rahul get more complaints from the housemates. Bigg Boss Jailed Rahul and Mahesh.

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Promo of Episode 34:

Himaja throws eggs because of Baba commenting her.

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