{17th August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 28: Day 27 Highlights

Recap of Episode 27: 

Boys vs Girls quiz task in the Bigg Boss house. Boys won the task.

Friday’s Episode played by Bigg Boss host:

Punarnavi and Rahul sleep on the sofa facing opposite to each other. Rahul tries to get up and Punarnavi asks him the reason. Rahul answers her If we behave like this, people trolls memes on us. Punarnavi, with a frustration, gets up from there and sit far from him. Vithika and Punarnavi have a fun conversation together.

Bigg Boss gives Dabur red toothpaste keep your teeth polished task to the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestants. Housemates are divided into two groups, Protectors team and Attackers team. Varun will be the judge for the task. Three housemates wipe the tooth and other three housemates try to pour paint in each team. Ashu and Baba Bhaskar pour with the bucket after the buzzer sound. Varun declares as they are disqualified and also declares another team has winners. Himaja, Punarnavi, Sree Mukhi gets gift hampers.

Shiva Jyothi, Rohini, Ashu discuss the task. Ravi also involves the discussion and express his feelings to them that Sree Mukhi criticizes her. Shiva Jyothi also complains on Mahesh about his comments. Ashu shares that Ali gave a serious look on her. Punarnavi and Vithika have some miscommunication in the kitchen. Vithika shares the issue with Varun and she gets upset with the Varun’s reaction. Then both Vithika and Varun calm down each other.

Bigg Boss Host Interacts with Housemates:

Nagarjuna interacts with the housemates and tries to remove the mask of the contestants. He gives awards to the housemates and explains the reason behind giving that award. These are the awards given to the Bigg Boss Contestants.


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Contestants
Baba Bhaskar
Best Cooker award
Sree Mukhi
Best Loudspeaker award
Best Umpire award
Rahul Sipligunj
Best Big Mouth award
Ashu Reddy
Best Banana award
Mahesh Vitta
Best Match stick award
Vithika Sheru
Best Magnifier award
Shiva Jyothi
Best Onion award
Ali Reza
Best Flute award
Rohini Noni
Best Scissor award
Varun Sandesh
Best Fruit award
Ravi Krishna
Best Ear award
Best Cracker award

Nagarjuna reveals the contestants who saved from the elimination this week i.e Shiva Jyothi and Varun Sandesh.

Promo of Episode 29:

Who is going to evict from Bigg Boss House this week from the contestants Rahul, Rohini, Baba Bhaskar, Ravi Krishna, Sree Mukhi?

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