{25th July 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Episode 5 Highlights

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 started to bring peace harmony in the house by settling down the issue happened between Hema-Rahul and Ali Reza. Varun thought Hema scolded Rahul first but later he gets to know that it was Ali Reza whom Hema started saying that none of them here asked your direction. Later Rahul got offended when Hema asked Sree Mukhi why she asked them about the food and all. Vithika also conveys Varun that Sree Mukhi also felt bad in the kitchen with Hema’s dominion over everything. Mahesh vitta wanted to bring down the issue happened without going this little thing to Nagarjuna as Nagarjuna’s level is higher and it would not be good to take these things to him. But Hema closes the conversation by saying that if Nagarjuna says that she made mistake and if he asks him to apologize then she does that as said by Nagarjuna.

Later Punarnavi raises issue saying that her half chapathi was eating by someone. Someone from the housemates says that it was Ali Reza and she raises her voice on him but says sorry to Ali thinking that it is silly to fight for half chapathi and later knows that it was Baba Bhaskar who ate it.

Talking to the camera in the Bigg Boss House Baba Bhaskar says to the Jaffar’s wife that he will take care of Jaffar and you need not worry about him. Meanwhile, Hema says that yes don’t worry Baba Bhaskar will send Jaffar very soon and he won’t let Jaffar play.

Baba Bhaskar plays a funny act with Hema and Jaffar. Sree Mukhi and Mahesh Vitta help Baba Master in directing.

Vithika asks Varun about the opinion on the Bigg Boss house. She also says that he is not pampering like before.

Bigg Boss set the luxury budget task in a different way and named it as Choices Task. Bigg Boss asks Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Contestants to choose two people who are good enough to make the right decisions. Housemates with single-minded chose Jaffar and Hema. Later Bigg Boss tells Jaffar and Hema to go to the activity area. There were two cabins and both went in and stood with the headphones as said by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asked them to press the buttons of Red or Green as per their choice. But the luxury budget will be given only if they press the buttons with Green and Red combination. Hema goes with Green and Jaffar goes with Red. That’s how Housemates are given luxury budget with each of 200 points total of 3000 points but they fail to take all the 3000 points and ends with only 1500 points due to the delays and misunderstandings happened between them.

Hema blames Sree Mukhi for not attending on time. Sree Mukhi gets offended and shouts on Hema. later while changing the batteries Vithika and Mahesh argue with each other and Varun comes in and shouts on Mahesh for disrespecting his wife.

Promo: Mahesh Vitta tries to solve the issue happened and calls Varun bro while explaining but Varun didn’t want Mahesh to call him ‘bro’ and tells him to call Varun.

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