Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List with Photos – Official List

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List: The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 contestants are a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and personalities. The show will be interesting to watch as they all try to co-exist and compete with each other in the confined space of the Bigg Boss house. Some of the contestants are well-known faces in the Telugu entertainment industry while others are relatively unknown. But all of them will be sure to entertain the viewers with their interesting antics and personal interactions.

People are eager to know Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants and here is the list.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 contestants list.

  1. Keerthi Bhat
  2. Sudeepa
  3. Srihan
  4. Neha Chowdary
  5. Chanti
  6. Sri Satya
  7. Arjun Kalyan
  8. Geetu Royal
  9. Abhinaya Sree
  10. Marina
  11. Rohit
  12. Bala Aditya
  13. Vasanthi
  14. Shaani Salmon
  15. Inaya Sulthana
  16. RJ Surya
  17. Faima
  18. Adi Reddy
  19. Raj Shekar
  20. Arohi Rao
  21. Revanth

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List with photos:

  • Keerthi Bhat
  • 1.keerthi

    Keerthi Bhat is a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu 6. She is a model and actress who has appeared in films and television shows. Keerthi Bhat appeared on Star MAA and ETV in different shows.

  • Sudeepa
  • 2.sudeepa

    Sudeepa, better known as her stage name Pinky, is an Indian actress and model who mostly appears in Telugu films. She became more popular for her character in nuvvu naku nachav.

  • Srihan
  • 3.sirhan

  • Neha Chowdary
  • 4.neha

  • Chanti
  • 5.chanti

  • Sri Satya
  • 6.srisatya

  • Arjun Kalyan
  • 7.arjunkalyan

  • Geethu Royal
  • 8.geeturoyal

  • Abhinaya Sree
  • 9.abhinayasree

  • Marin
  • a and Rohit

    marina rohit

  • Bala Aditya
  • 12.balaaditya

  • Vasanthi
  • 13.vasanthi

  • Shaani
  • 14.shaani

  • Inaya
  • 15.iyaana

  • RJ Surya
  • 16.rjsurya

  • Faima
  • 17.faima

  • Adi Reddy
  • 18.adireddy

  • Rajashekar
  • 19.rajshekar

  • Arohi Rao
  • 20.arohirao

  • Revanth
  • 21.revanth

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