Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 11th, 2022 Written Updates: Inaya is eliminated

The 14th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and next week is the finale. A lot is riding on who will be the winner in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today. There are a lot of interesting things, and the end has an interesting twist.

Who knows the house better?

In the Sunday Funday Episode, Nagarjuna and the other housemates played games. In this one, the people living in the Bigg Boss house have to answer questions about the house. If you give the right answer, you get a point. If you give the wrong answer, you lose two points. During this process, a lot of questions were asked. In the end, Revanth won the task and got the basket.

Dance to the song

The next game was for the housemates to show Nagarjuna the song on the screen and dance to it. The housemates will get a point if they get it right. In this task, the Revanth team won, and Adi Reddy’s dance was the most interesting part.

Hula Hoop game

In another game, the housemates were split into two teams. Rohit, Srihan, and Satya. Adi Reddy, Inaya, and Keerthi are on the other team. In this game, they have to pass a hula hoop between themselves without using their hands. In this game, Revanth was the sanchalak, and no team was able to get rid of him. Because of this, the game was called off.

Inaya eliminated

Adi Reddy and Inaya were the last two people to be kicked out. After a bit of waiting, it was revealed that Inaya was kicked out of the house. Most of Inaya’s fans were unhappy with this decision, and it’s trending on Twitter that it was an unfair way to get rid of her.

After Inaya got out of the house, she told her roommates what she liked and didn’t like about them. Then, after Inaya left, Nagarjuna said that this time there would be a mid-week elimination, and the person with the fewest votes by Wednesday would be the one to go.

So keep voting for your favourite contestants and help them get into the top 5.

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