Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 3rd 2022 Written Updates: Adi Reddy Vs Geethu

The captaincy contenders’ task is in full swing on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, and there have been fights between the contestants and punishments from Bigg Boss as well. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Revanth out of control

Revanth is getting out of control in the game. His aggression towards the game is literally making his graph go down, and Nagarjuna has to give him a serious warning because of the way he talks in the house, which is not proper, and his game, which is mostly just aggression. Rohith attacked Revanth during the game so he could take out his stripes. Rohith hit Revanth by accident.

Revanth then said, “Nee Amma.” Evadra kotindhi.’ Rohith got mad and told Revanth to stop saying things like that. Even when Adi Reddy tried to attack Revanth during the game. He started to hit him pretty hard. Even Adi Reddy told Revanth to calm down and play the game gently. But Revanth yelled at him, “I’ll play how I want, and you can’t stop me!”

This kind of aggression is changing the game. We have to see how Nagarjuna reacts to this kind of aggression.

Geethu Vs Adi Reddy

Geethu turned into a ghost at the start of the day. During a break in the game, she went to the bathroom and saw that Adi Reddy was wearing a striped T-shirt. Bigg Boss made it clear that the ghosts can’t do anything during the game. But she broke the rules again when she took all the stripes off.

When Adi Reddy heard that the stripes were being taken off, he was very upset. He told Geethu what was going on. But she said she didn’t take it off and has no idea what I’m talking about. But Adi Reddy found out about it later, and he talked to Geethu about it. She said that she used her brain to get rid of him and that it was his fault for keeping the shirt that way.

After a long time of arguing, Adi Reddy lost his temper and threw his microphone on the floor. Adi Reddy was punished for this by not being able to play in the captaincy game. But Bigg Boss also said that Geethu did something wrong, and that he is not out of the game.

Last week, Nagarjuna told her in no uncertain terms that her play isn’t good. But Geethu still did things her own way. We need to find out how Nagarjuna will deal with this again.

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