Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 1st, 2022 Written Updates: Mission Possible

The sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu is now in its sixth week, and this week’s captaincy task is very interesting, emotional, and exciting. There have been a lot of interesting things going on in the house today. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Emotional Inaya

After the nominations were over, Inaya felt sad, so she went into the bathroom, locked the door, and didn’t come out. Even though her roommates kept knocking on her door and telling her to leave, she wouldn’t leave. But she never came back from the bathroom. Revanth asked if she didn’t open the door, he would push it open. After being asked many times to come out of the bathroom, Inaya finally did. Then Bigg Boss took her to the confession room, where Inaya told him that everyone in the house was out to get her.

Mission Possible: Task for Candidates for the Captaincy

Bigg Boss gave a new candidate for captaincy in the house a task called Mission Possible. The house is split into two teams for this game: Team Red and Team Blue. Geethu, Revanth, Srihan, Sri Satya, Faima, and Keerthi are on Team Red. In Team Blue: Rohit, Marina, Bala Aditya, Adi reddy, Vasanthi, and Inaya.

The game is set up like a battlefield, and whoever loses their power has to start over again. They will be kicked out of the game and turn into ghosts in the house. Keerthi and Faima from Team Red and Bala, Aditya, and Rohith from Team Blue all turned into ghosts. The task is going great, with both contestants going head to head with each other.

Geethu made Bala Aditya mad

Every contestant’s jacket has stripes on it. They are out of the game if they lose the stripes. Geethu made the game more about himself. Everyone in the house knows that Bala Aditya smokes cigarettes. Geethu hid the lighter so that he would give him the stripes. When Bala Aditya asked about the lighter, she asked him to give her two stripes from his jacket. Bala Aditya first tried to ask Geethu in a calm way, but Geethu wouldn’t move. He became angry and yelled at Geethu for making the game about him.

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