Biggboss Telugu Season 6 Episode 29 Day 28 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 29 Day 28

The Sunday Funday episode is here, and the housemates had a lot of fun with it because it was also a special episode for the Dussehra festival. There were a lot of things that happened in the house today, and there was also an elimination. Let’s look at what went on today.

Geethu Opened Up

There were some things that needed to be taken care of in the house before the main fun part could start. When Keerthi Bhat was asked to pick someone who can’t be captain, she chose Chanti instead of Inaya. Geethu told Inaya that Chanti had told Keerthi that she was only working for the cameras. This is why she chose Chanti. Even though he said it in a more funny way, it turned out to be a bad thing.

Geethu kept talking over Nagarjuna when he was talking about the problem. This made him angry, so he yelled at her. After that, Geethu agreed that she did a good job by adding a few more words that she couldn’t have done. She said she didn’t like Chanti and that they had a lot of problems. Nagarjuna tried to make things better, but we still don’t know how far this rivalry will go.

Who is the bad guy in The Ghost Game?

When the new movie “The Ghost” came out, the female lead Sonal Chauhan and the director Praveen Sattaru came to the house to talk about the movie. They asked the other people living in the house to play the ghost game and say who they thought was bad in the house.

  • Faima picked Keerthi
  • Geethu picked Chanti
  • Adi Reddy picked Revanth
  • Revanth picked Keerthi
  • Keerthi picked Revanth
  • Chanti picked Revanth
  • RJ Surya picked Arohi
  • Rajasekhar picked geethu
  • Marina-Rohith picked Geethu
  • Arohi picked Inaya
  • Inaya picked Srihan
  • Sudeepa picked Baladitya
  • Baladitya picked Geethu
  • Vasanthi picked Arohi
  • Arjun Kalyan picked Sri Satya
  • Srihan picked Keerthi
  • Sri Satya picked RJ Surya

Dusshera Challenge

During this challenge, both boys and girls had to do something. The housemates played games like Break the Balloon, Make Batukamma, Dance Challenge, and Arm Wrestling. Most of the time, girls won the challenges. There was also a segment called “Sweet Ladoo and Bitter Ladoo,” which got more and more interesting as it went on.

Elimination time

Arohi and Sudeepa were the last two people to leave. In the end, Arohi was voted out, which made everyone in the house cry. Before she left the house, she gave the other people there Kalmasham and Swatcham tags. She chose Srihan, Baladitya, Keerthi, Surya, Vasanthi, Rohith, and Marina to be the names of Swacham’s children. She picked Revanth, Chanti, Sudeepa, Sri Satya, Inaya, and Geethu for Kalmasham.

That was the end of the special episode for Dussehra. Tomorrow, nominations will be made in the house, which should be interesting.

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