Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 23rd, 2022 Written Updates: Arjun Kalyan eliminated.

Season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu Sunday Funday has come, and there were a lot of great things on the show. This past Sunday was a Diwali party, and everyone had a great time. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Jhansi Promotions

Nagarjuna started the show with a great song and wished everyone in the house a happy Diwali. Then there were some fun games in the house. Anjali came to the show as part of a promotion for her upcoming web series Jhansi, which will debut on Disney+Hotstar on October 27, 2022. The house was split into groups of two people, and Bala Aditya was in charge.

The people in the house were given things to dance with. The person who scores the fewest points will be out of the game. Srihan and Inaya were both knocked out in the first round.

Special Performance by Sreeram Chandra

Sreeram Chandra, who used to be in the Bigg Boss house, sang on the show and made it even better. Then the men who were competing were told to dress like women. Then Sreeram Chandra and Nagarjuna gave the contestants their scores.

Hyper Aadi is a scientist

Hyper Aadi went to the show dressed as a scientist and talked to the other people in the house. He told them some good things about how their game works and what their fans want from them. Even though this part was funny, Hyper Aadi made it clear that the housemates aren’t doing their tasks right.

Kaarthi is in the House

As part of the marketing campaign for the spy thriller film Sardar. Kaarthi, P.S. Mithran, and the movie’s main actress all came to the show. Nagarjuna was very happy to see Kaarthi on stage with him, and he said that the movie is a “blockbuster.”

Then they played a game where they had to guess the song by looking at pictures. In this round, the game was won by Rohith-Marina, Revanth-Faima, and Sri Satya-Surya. They moved on to the next round.

Blindfold sweets

Rohith and Marina, revanth and Faima, and Sri Satya and Surya all played the blindfold game in the last round. In this game, you have to close your eyes, pick up a treat, and give it to the pair. In this segment, Sri Satya and Surya won the game and got the Bigg Boss Diwali Kanuka.

Arjun Kalyan eliminated

In the last round of cuts, Vasanthi and Arjun Kalyan were the only ones left. Nagarjuna put two flower pots on the stage during this part. Whoever gets their flower pot lit up is safe. The flower pot of Vasanthi was lit on fire, and Arjun Kalyan was kicked out of the house. After his elimination, both Sri Satya and Revanth felt sad.

That was the end of the Diwali episode of Sunday Funday. There will be nominations tomorrow, and it will be interesting.

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