Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 20th, 2022 Written Updates: Srihan’s Birthday

The current week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is the best week of the season so far. Bigg Boss has yelled at the housemates for not doing their jobs right. Then we looked at the food problems tasks. Now we’re going to see what the immunity task is. A lot of interesting and funny things took place in the house. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

The Birthday Special for Srihan

Srihan’s birthday party was at his house. But before that happened, Srihan and Inaya found a way to get along, and things are going well between them now. Inaya started calling him Chotu, and she and the other housemates made a cake for him especially. She told me in particular to draw a heart next to Chotu on the cake. The other people in the house started to think that these two are up to something.

Immunity is at stake

After a day of silence, Bigg Boss started talking to the other people in the house again. Bigg Boss made it clear that the housemates shouldn’t break any rules and should put all of their attention on making the tasks entertaining for the audience. All of the housemates told Bigg Boss that they would do their best in the tasks and continue to follow the house roles.

Then Bigg Boss told everyone in the house that there would be an immunity task. Some gloves will come in the door, and the housemates should keep them in their slots. Whoever has the most gloves and toys when the buzzer goes off will be safe. During this task, Srihan and Arjun got into an argument about some things.

During the task, Revanth, Sri Satya, Rohith, and Faima all had some problems. At the end of the task, Raj won the game and got immunity for the next week. But it’s important to know that if he loses this week, he will no longer be immortal.

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