Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 16th, 2022 Written Updates: Sudeepa Eliminated.

After Saturday’s important review day. This week, Nagarjuna and the other housemates had some fun on the Sunday Funday episode. During the process of getting rid of people from the house, there were also some sad moments. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Song with images

The first fun thing the housemates did that day was guess the song. Since a few weeks ago, the house has been split into two teams. Whenever Sri Satya is on a team, that team wins the game. Nagarjuna wanted to know if the streak would keep going today. When the task was over, Sri Satya’s team had won both the task and Bigg Boss Kanuka.

Dialogues for the Housemates

Then the next game was about giving the housemates the right things to say. This task was a little bit funny, and Nagarjuna and the other housemates all liked it. Geethu and Raj had some disagreements with each other. Even Nagarjuna agreed that Geethu breaks up the game in the middle and makes it hard to follow. We have to see if Geethu will remember this and get better or not.

Brother and Sister’s last round


Baladitya and Sudeepa were the last two people to be kicked out. Everyone in the house was very worried about who would be voted out. After some waiting, Nagarjuna told everyone that Sudeepa was kicked out of the house. Vasanthi, Keerthi, Marina, and others were sad when she was eliminated.

So ends the process of getting rid of waste, which is done every other week at home. Tomorrow, there will be nominations, and this week will be hard for the housemates. This week will also show who is most likely to be in the running for the top five.

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