Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 24 Day 23 Highlights

The most important parts of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 25 Day 24

The hotel task kept going in the house, and it seemed like not only the audience but also Bigg Boss found it boring, which is why it was over a long time before it should have been. So, let’s look at what went on in the house today.

Hotel Vs Hotel Level 1 Result

In the first level of this game, Bigg Boss asked the hotel managers how much money they have. Members of the BB Hotel only have 4,300 rupees, but members of the BB Glam Paradise had 5,400 rupees. The task was won by BB Glam Paradise, and they also got the BB hotel. When BB Glam Paradise bought the hotel, they were given the power to fire the BB Staff. So they talked it over and decided to fire Revanth and Baladitya. Staff members were chosen to be Sudeepa, Marina, and Geethu.

Secret Task Failed

Chanti’s secret task was to make sure that guests from the BB hotel went to the BB Glam Paradise hotel. But he didn’t do the secret task, so he wasn’t allowed to play in the captaincy contenders game.

Level 2 Result

At the end of the game, Surya, Inaya, Adi Reddy, and Marina were the only people with no money. Arjun had 100 rupees, Srihan had 3,400 rupees, Rajasekhar had 6,500 rupees, Rohith had 6,100 rupees, Geethu had 4,500 rupees, and Sudeepa was left with 3,600 rupees. These are the most likely candidates for captaincy this week. This week, we have to find out who will be the new captain of the house.

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