Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights

The most important parts of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9

The housemates are now ready for the captaincy contenders task after the nominations round got heated. Whoever does the task better will have a chance to be a captain, and if someone is on the list of nominees, they will have a chance to prove themselves in the house. So, let’s look at what went on in the house today.

Sisindri’s job as a candidate for the captaincy

Sisindri is the name of the task for the second week of the captaincy race. In this task, the housemates were given dolls that were like their babies. They had to take care of the dolls and do different challenges with them from time to time. When the buzzer goes off, the housemates have to put the dolls in the cradles that are set up in the area. In each round, only five housemates are allowed to play the challenges.

The challenge’s first round

In the first round, the challenge was open to Chanti, Revanth, Faima, Arohi, and Geethu. In this first challenge, the participants have to jump into a bag and pick up the shapes and put them in the empty spaces. Whoever finishes the task first wins and gets to compete for the position of captain. In this game, Chanti was the one who did the best.

Faima didn’t want Revanth to win the game during this task. So, she got in the way of Revanth’s Victory during the game. Revanth was very angry about the same, but he got over it after a while.

Challenge number two

In the second round, Arjun Kalyan, Faima, Inaya, Arohi, and Keerthi Bhat all had the chance to qualify for captaincy. Revanth helped Faima win the second round with this task. There are two candidates for captain for this week right now, and tomorrow the game will go on even more.

No longer playing

Bigg Boss made it clear before the game started that if anyone left their doll alone, the other housemates could put it in the “left out” zone. Geethu took advantage of the situation and put Revanth, Sri Satya, and Abhinaya out of the game. Even though they didn’t like it, the rules in the Bigg Boss House are the rules.

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