Bigg Boss Telugu 5 House 1st elimination Sarayu exclusive interview | Bigg Boss BuzzZ

Sarayu made some controversial statements regarding the Bigg Boss show after her elimination. In an interview with the previous Bigg Boss contestant, Ariyana, Sarayu made her statements regarding each contestant and also expressed her opinion towards the way contestants are playing the game.

Sarayu also mentioned that many of the contestants from the show have prepared well to make themselves the champion of this season, even before they entered the house.

Sarayu also mentioned that Shanmukh is just a puppet in the hands of Siri and he doesn’t have his own strategy to continue the game. She also mentioned about the love relationships that lady contestants planned inside the house.

She also confirmed that Anchor Ravi, Siri Hanmanth, Shanmukh Jaswanth, VJ Sunny have planned outside the house to make themselves more popular than any other contestant from the house.

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