Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 6th, 2022 Written Updates: Geethu Royal Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, Sunday Today is a fun day. There were both funny and sad things that happened in the house. A shocking person is also kicked out of the house. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Snake and ladders

Nagarjuna talked to the other housemates and told them to play the game “snakes and ladders” in the house. This game is very different from the others. The housemates have to decide who will be the snake and who will be the ladder. Geethu got 4 ladders and 3 snakes in this game. Adi Reddy got 4 ladders, and Srihan got 3 ladders.

Musical Flowers

Then, in the garden area, the musical flowers were set up, which is another fun game. When the song stops, the housemates have to run to the flowers in the garden and stand in a circle. It’s like musical chairs, and Revanth won this task and got Bigg Boss Kanuka for this weekend.

Geethu Royal Eliminated

The last person to be kicked out was either Sri Satya or Geethu. Nagarjuna put a bowl with liquid from an aquarium in front of them. They have to add another liquid to the aquarium. The liquid that turns red is taken out of the tank. Geethu was taken out of the house when the countdown began.

Geethu deserved to be in the top five, so everyone in the house was shocked and felt very sad. Geethu, too, said over and over that she didn’t want to leave the house. But Nagarjuna said that if he could send an eliminated contestant back into the house, he would. However, he has to follow the rules of Bigg Boss, and Geethu royal was unfortunately kicked out of the house. It was very sad, and Geethu had to leave. The other housemates and the hosts had to say goodbye with heavy hearts.

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