Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 15th, 2022 Written Updates: A Golden Opportunity

The 11th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is going on in the house, and soon we’ll be getting close to the end of the show. At the moment, the housemates are competing for a special task that will keep them from being nominated. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Aftermath of Nominations

After the nominations were made, Keerthi and Satya talked about their problems in the garden. But it was clear that Satya wasn’t ready to admit that she has ego. She made fun of Keerthi in a snide way, and things got worse between them. Srihan and Revanth, on the other hand, had some problems with the nominations. Revanth said he wanted to put Srihan forward as a candidate. They argued about the subject, and things are starting to get tense between the friends.

Opportunity for Immunity

Bigg Boss gave the housemates a chance to save themselves from being nominated and get immunity. For this, the housemates will be given checks, on which they must write a number. Whoever has more money will not have to be nominated for the next week. They can’t talk about the amount with anyone, and if all of their housemates write the same amount, they won’t get immunity. This highest number will be taken out of the money they will win at the end.

Everyone wrote down their share and put it in the box. Bigg Boss then said that Sri Satya talked about the amount, which is why she was kicked out of the game. In this segment, Raj got immunity from being nominated, and almost 5 lakhs were taken away from the prize money.

Run between the wickets

Then Bigg Boss gave the other people in the house a chance to raise the amount of money that would be given away. Bigg Boss gave Rohith and Revanth a task. For the prize money to go up, they have to do 100 runs in 7 minutes. They worked hard, but all they could do was 82 runs in 7 minutes, which was pretty good.

Bigg Boss has many interesting ideas for how the task will get better tomorrow. Keep watching.

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