Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 9th October 2022 Written Updates: Chanti eliminated

Bigg Boss Season 6 in Telugu will start on October 9, 2022

Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu Sunday Funday has come, and someone has been kicked out of the house. It’s been a pretty emotional time for the people in the house. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

DSP in the house

Devi Sri Prasad, a composer, came to the Sunday Funday Episode to play his new private song, “O Pilla,” for the first time on the show. This song is catchy and different. After Nagarjuna and DSP talked to the other people in the house. They played a game called “Pictionary,” where each team had to draw the name of a song. The team that guesses right gets a point. Most of the songs were written by DSP, and this game was won by team chanti.

Elimination in a Hurry

This Sunday was very different from the last Sunday because the person who was going to be eliminated was gone in a flash. There was nothing fun for the housemates to do. After DSP left, Nagarjuna asked the other people in the house to give their fellow contestants some good sayings. This part of the story was also done quickly. Inaya and Chanti were the ones who went home last.

Before the elimination, RJ Surya started to feel sad. He said that people who get close to him are leaving his life. Not only did it happen in the game, but also in real life. Housemates tried to make him feel better, but Nagarjuna finally told him that Chanti had to leave the house.

Chanti said on stage that, even though he hadn’t played the game right, he still enjoyed it. But he has been able to win the contestants’ hearts. Before she left the stage, Chanti gave each housemate a score based on how well they did. In this, Srihan, Satya, Geethu, and Adi Reddy all got 99 points from Chanti, but Inaya got a perfect score of 100.

So, that’s how the Sunday Funday episode went down, and tomorrow there will be more nominations, which should be fun.

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