Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 12 Day 11 Highlights

The most important parts of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 12 Day 11

It is Day 11 in the Bigg Boss house, and the candidates for captaincy have just been chosen. The new captain for this week will be chosen very soon. After the task for the captaincy contenders was done, there were a lot of sad moments in the house. Let’s look at what went on inside the house.

A house with a lot of feelings

Bigg Boss sent baby dolls to the house for the captaincy candidates, and each person took their doll on their own journey. Bigg Boss asked some of the housemates to talk about their lives after the dolls were given back.

First, Adi Reddy said how worried he was that his daughter might have crossed eyes. He was glad she didn’t have it, and he hoped his daughter would walk into the house. After that, he felt a little bit sad.

Second, Sudeepa talked about her personal life. She said that she was born before she was ready and that she lost her baby. She prayed and hoped that one day she would be able to have a child.

Next, Revanth talked about how he didn’t have a father when he was growing up, but that he’s going to be a dad soon because his wife is pregnant and will give birth in two months.

Next, Keerthi Bhat talked about her emotional journeys. She had already said in the first episode that her family had died in an accident, and when she woke up, she found out that no one was still alive. She then went into a coma. No one was there to help her feel better, and then she took in a baby who died when Keerthi went into quarantine.

Chanti said that he saw his mother get stuck in a fire right in front of him and that it made him cry a lot. But he is happy that his mother came back to life as his daughters.

Rohit and Marina talked about their experiences with abortion, which were very sad. When the doctors told them that their baby didn’t have a heartbeat, it broke their hearts and made them sad.

Sri Satya told everyone that they should pay attention to what their parents say. She also said that the time in her life when she thought about killing herself was over. That’s why she keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much to other people.

Captain’s Task: Naacho Naacho

When Bigg Boss calls them in pairs, the housemates have to back one of the captaincy candidates. In this task, the contestants will be DJs, and the housemates will show their support for their favourite captain. So far, Rajashekar has received two votes, Chanti and RJ Surya have each received one vote, and Inaya has not received any support from the other housemates.

We need to find out who will be the new captain in the house and who has been the worst player so far.

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