Bigg Boss Telugu Week 15 Top 5 Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 15 Top 5 Contestants List:


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333 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu Week 15 Top 5 Contestants”

  1. Nagarjuna ki monal yekki yekki edchindhi annadu. Vasthavani donkey la edchindi. Nagarajana pls stop anchoring for future big boss shows for few bucks, otherwise you will surely loose your fans.

  2. Babu em bigg boss nayana chudaleka chastunnam ,weekly jabardasth lo kanapade Avinash eliminated kani,only 5movies that to only two in Telugu movies chesina monal safe w.t.f . Big boss janalu pichhola meru picholla
    Kung nagarjuna gari chetha kudu abaddalu cheppiatunnaru,
    Finally nenu cheppedi em Ante Akhil ki Kuda telidu monal enni movie chesindi but pulihora mixed,stop this nonsense game give the chance for real gamers.
    Yep kosam monal Akhil pulihora chustunna 6 days bigg boss season with out entertainment……. Was

  3. D venkateswara rao

    Sohail loves every person he treats them ss s fslamily members and he plays tasks well he has all qualities to be the winner

  4. He is not at all a good nd perfect person. Worst player in the house. Don’t even kn how to behave with a girl .Cheap vulgar behavior.
    Still i don’t understand how is getting saved frm these many weeks. May be the voters Who r voting for him are also in the same cheap mannered.

  5. Sohel cunning ng fellow if any body shows his weekends he won’t tolerate and barks against them based on his attitude nobody nominate him to face is barking like dog only ariyanna being a girl faced him several times she is real winner

  6. Already Akhil and Sohel are biscuit in Monal hands. Stupid Harika unnecessary went into shell after Nagarajana warned her w.r.t abhi. She felt to be in house it has to be only by supporting Monal. She is becoming big biscuit by not pls her natural game. She lost her fire, fighting spirit after that Nag dose. The only contestants who are playing their own is Abhi and Ariyana and they should finish top 2.

    1. True…firstly not sure why Monal is still being continued in the show….Akhil and Sohel playing team game and protecting Monal. Abhijeet is deserved to be winner of this season

  7. Plz vote Aryana she is a genuine player
    But sohel is making her weak ,when he said many bad words like sigguledha she not said any thing I think that words may her parents not said to her in over all life. just she is playing game in tasks
    What ever Aryana do to monal y for sohel . Monal only don’t care abt all that .y sohel needed that

    Guys plz vote for Aryana as a girl we have to support her
    Even Abhijeet supporting her

    1. Playing safe and cunning game !!!! Always fights with monal .she thinks she is a super star and shows her proudness confront of monal who did 5 telugu films

  8. Don’t know when so many contestants are there why monal only gets so much of screen time? Big boss stop your immature behavior and understand that Monal is the most hated contestant in big boss of all seasons. Mark this words and stop protecting her. It’s good for your future shows.

    1. my vote to ariyana only
      she is bold and fair
      i totally agree with ravi garu
      y bigboss is focussing only monalon the screen
      we hate monal behaviour
      she acts like calotos

  9. Big boss already you proved a very partial. Now your behavior also becoming cheap. While dancing contest was going on why did you only display vote to monal in between. Next on Thursday just check the screen time of monal, Akhil vs abhi Harika. 45 mins vs 5 mins. Is this fair? Do some self evaluation bigboss on your behavior.

    1. Worst player in the house. Nothing he will do in the house.
      Compare to Ariyana nothing he is.
      Ariyana should be the winner for this season.
      She will be the First lady bb winner .

  10. Monal ni anevallu andaru abhi fans Ani telusu fact entante e abhi gaadu house lo avarki support cheste vallu worst fellows ina abhi fans ki manchiga kanipistaaru guys monal ni anevallu first harika ni anande bcoz she is playing double game with akhil abhi

    1. Not nly abhijith, even sohel don’t have any rights to win the title.
      These both R Nothing Compare to our lady don Ariyana .
      She will be the winner.✊

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